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Ledge Pillow

Ledge Pillow on Shark Tank

The Ledge Pillow, commonly referred to as “the boob pillow,” was presented to the Sharks by entrepreneur Amanda Schlechter in episode 303 in season 3.  The Ledge Pillow is a modification of a basic memory foam pillow which allows its target market of women with enhanced and/or large breasts to lie on their stomach comfortably. Amanda was running the business for three years prior to her Shark Tank appearance, but she only had 83 sales to date. With a very basic website and very little marketing, she was looking for help from the Sharks to get the business jump started.

Ledge Pillow Pitch to the Sharks

Amanda was seeking a $30k for a 25% share in The Ledge Pillow. She was accompanied on stage by a sexy, well-endowed, model who demonstrated the product. The Sharks were not impressed by The Ledge Pillow. Lori told Amanda she should change the name, then went out. Kevin O’Leary thought the market was too small, and Robert Herjavec thought the market would have already found her by now; they both went out. Daymond John quickly followed, stating he couldn’t bring value to the table. Mark Cuban called her a “wantrepreneur” and said she didn’t want it enough, and he went out. Amanda left the tank empty-handed.

After Shark Tank

Amanda had a rudimentary website for The Ledge Pillow prior to appearing on Shark Tank and it hasn’t changed much since. Based on viewer reaction to the episode, it appears she could have made some sales. The fact that the website hasn’t changed much speaks volumes; there can’t be THAT MUCH business if there hasn’t been a web upgrade in nearly a year. Her Facebook page doesn’t have a lot of activity either. This product has some real potential, there have been many inquiries about it in the comments on this site about it and there was a flurry of internet activity in the original air date’s aftermath. With a little time and SEO, this product has the potential to be a solid selling product. Unfortunately, the business shuttered in 2012 and Amanda continues to practice law at the Nason Yeager firm, where she is a shareholder.

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  1. Where can I buy this? I just saw a rerun of this episode and want one. Plus I know lots of people that’d want it. It’d also be great if one could be made with a waterproof cover to use when tanning at the beach!!

  2. Where is your website to see this item? I watched Shark Tank and would love to get our product online. You help me on how to and I will help you to sell your item. Let me know what you think.
    Think outside the box and start directing bigger sales then you can go back to Shark Tank again. I been in business since 1971 as RFS and Company. I am retired and I have time to devote.

    • Just saw this episode over the holiday break and was interested in it as well. I’m in advertising and went to their fb page and left a message for a phone call. The potential is there – I would gladly spend my time marketing it correctly and only taking a piece of the sales I generate.

      Hopefully they check in here occasionally and will follow up on their fb page. Hate to start from scratch when someone else got it to point B already.

  3. C. Anderson says

    I want one……. I had a breast argumentation and find it vey hard to sleep on my stomach. I was going to go purchase one of those pregnancy pillows.

  4. Sonia Kennedy says

    I just saw a re-rerun of the stark tank with this pillow. I want one!!!!

  5. amanda!
    everyone is screaming for this product! Please make ita a winner.! don’t let this idea die….

  6. Huguette Haaland says

    I would like to have one.

  7. Carolyn Hodges says

    I really think since most massage therapists have lots of well endowed clients that this product should be pitched to Massage Warehouse. A lot of LMTs would love this item for their clients. I am included in that number. I want one. Thanks

    • karen sztorc says

      I thought the men (and Lori) were way off base with their critique of her company. They really should have given this earnest Single mom a break… it this day and age they could have shown her some compassion given she was very honest about her time limitations. Had she had more time and resources this would be a very successful endeavor. Many, woman (I am one) have breast size larger than a D cup. I have some resources and a very good idea to help her sell these pillows. I think the Sharks could and should have put their heads together (and thought with their brains and not their….).
      I will send her my contact information and I hope she contacts me,
      Good luck Amanda!

    • karen sztorc says

      this is perfect for massage therapists.

  8. Bier Sandra says

    I saw it today on German translated “Shark tank” and I really want one of this pillows! What a great idea.

  9. i would love to have one of these! I have breast problems and its hard to sleep on my stomach because of my breast being inflamed from caffine consumption this is a great idea!!!! please bring it to the shelves everywhere!

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