Airplane Stickers – Paper Box Pilots

13 year old Noah Cahoon, along with dad, Brian and little brother, Milo, pitches Paper Box Pilots – his airplane stickers kit – in episode 606. The origins of the business began when Noah was 4 years old. His dad used to turn old boxes into airplanes for Noah; he’d draw instruments and decorations on […]

Drum Pants – The Band You Wear

Drum Pants is the first wearable, electronic music kit in the world. Co-founders Lei Yu and Tyler Freeman introduce their technology to the Shark Tank in episode 603. The idea for Drum Pants began as a way for Freeman (who happens to be a drummer) to goof on his friends by slapping his legs and […]

Soap Socks – Soap Sox Stuffed Animal Washcloths

Ray Phillips and Alvin Uy hope to clean up with their Soap Socks Stuffed Animal Wash Cloths in Shark Tank Episode 603. The two dads invented Soap Socks when Ray made bath time a bit less frightening for a small child at a residential treatment facility. The kid didn’t want to take a bath without his […]

Card Throwing Game – Ninja Cards

Dustin Berk and Ken Haton pitch Ninja Cards, a darts-like card throwing game, in episode 603. Many people (before the advent of smart phones) pitched cards to pass the time; Dustin and Ken are no exceptions. One day, while traveling for business, the guys were pitching cards at bottles in their hotel room. That little […]

Dog Carrier – Heart Pup

When Anastasia Heart wants to walk her dog, Trixi, the dog might not have to do the walking if she’s snuggled in its Heart Pup dog carrier. Ms. Heart made the dog carrier herself, and she has hundreds of them on sale in her Etsy shop. Heart Pup isn’t your run of the mill dog carrier, […]

Mobile Wedding Service – Wedding Wagon

Adrian Gonzalez and James Cass pitch their mobile wedding service, called Wedding Wagon, in Shark Tank episode 602. Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the country: there were 80,493 marriage licenses issued in Clark County (where Vegas is located) in 2013. There are many ways to get married in Las Vegas too; you can have […]

Building Toy for Girls – Roominate

Roominate, a building toy for girls, jumps in the Tank when inventors Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen pitch in Shark Tank episode 602, part two of the season 6 premier. Alice has her BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford. Bettina has her BS in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of […]

Kronos Golf

Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams hope the Sharks are on par with their business, Kronos Golf, that manufactures precision crafted golf putters in the second part of the season 6 premier, episode 602. The pair grew up in San Diego county, sometimes called “the epicenter of the club making industry.” Lapuz learned putter milling at a local […]

Floating Mug

Kickstarter seems to be the new breeding ground for Shark Tank entrepreneurs and Tigere Chiriga’s Floating Mug is the latest Kickstarter to swim with the Sharks in episode 602. The Floating Mug was inspired by moisture rings left on furniture in Chiriga’s home; hot beverages produce heat and slight moisture that’s damaging to furniture. He’s an avid […]

Nail Salon for Men – Hammer and Nails

Michael Eliot, screenwriter turned entrepreneur, pitches Hammer and Nails, a nail salon for men, in episode 601. Eliot wants to “put the ‘man’ back in manicure,” and envisions a nail salon for men in every major city. Hammer and Nails is in Hollywood and just opened in November, 2013 to rave reviews and lots of customers. Eliot […]

Zipadee-Zip Wearable Blankets by Sleeping Baby

Zipadee-Zip Wearable Blankets by Sleeping Baby are the solution to sleepless nights when infants start transitioning from being swaddled in their crib. That’s what husband and wife entrepreneurs Brett and Stephanie Parker want the Sharks to understand when they pitch Zipadee-Zip in episode 601. The idea for the Zipadee-Zip is simple: keep infants used to being […]

Better Athletic Socks – Bombas

Does the world need better athletic socks? “Socktrepreneurs” Randy Goldberg and David Heath think so and they hope the Sharks do too when they pitch Bombas, their vision for better athletic socks, in episode 601 on September 26, 2014. Goldberg and Heath are the first crowdfunding success featured in season 6 (they are not the last) […]

Free Phone Charging Station – Amber

Amber is a free phone charging station entrepreneur Bill Shuey hopes to sell to restaurants, museums, and a host of other public venues to create a “value add” for the locations. The idea is, consumers will be more likely to patronize a venue that offers a free phone charging station. On Friday, September 26, Shuey […]

Shark Tank Season Six Premiere

ABC has announced the Shark Tank Season six premiere. Everyone’s favorite venture capital reality show returns Friday, September 26 at 8 PM EST and it will be a two hour special episode. Whether it’s one complete, 2 hour show or just a “double dose” is unclear at this time; ABC didn’t release many details – […]

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