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Home Tee Shirt

Ryan Shell is a tee shirt tycoon. Tee shirts are making a lot of people rich quick these days, whether they sell their own or use one of the tee shirt crowdfunding sites to sell their wares. Shell prints and sells his own products under the brand name Home T; he’s latched onto the concept […]

Dog Video Chat – IC Pooch

Dog lovers love their dogs and IC Pooch inventor, 14-year-old Brooke Martin is no exception. She wanted to be able to communicate with her new shelter dog while she was out of the house. Apparently, the pooch suffered from “canine separation anxiety.” Dogs left alone for long periods of time can get destructive without their […]

Outdoor Safe – AquaVault

Avin Samtani, Rob Peck, and Jonathan Kinas were at the beach one day when some of their valuables were stolen from their shoes; that’s when they came up with the idea for a portable outdoor safe. Anybody who goes to the beach, pool, or water park – or any other outdoor recreational venue – has […]

Rave Gloves – Emazing Lights

Brian Lim probably didn’t think he’d end up on Shark Tank when he made his first set of glow in the dark rave gloves back in 2010. He was just looking to add some pizzazz to his local EDM scene, but it turned into a multi-million dollar business! Brian, along with some assistants, pitches Emazing […]

Socially Responsible, Affordable Lingerie – Naja

Catalina Girald  is a “Nuevo Latino” woman with a mission: make affordable lingerie while helping make the world a better place for women in her home-country of Colombia. An attorney by profession, Ms. Girald has entrepreneurship in her blood. She’s founded start-ups, advised venture funds, and now she’s running her own company. She hopes the Sharks […]

Echo Valley Meats the Sharks II

Dave Alwan takes a second swim in the Shark Tank in episode 621 as he asks the Sharks to invest in Echo Valley Meats – AGAIN. Dave is only the third entrepreneur to appear in the Tank twice. Rebecca Rescate appeared twice: once with City Kitty, once with the Hoodie Pillow. Rebecca is the first […]

Twin Z Breast Feeding Pillow

Michelle and Jason Barsosky hope their successful breast feeding pillow, called Twin Z Pillow, hooks a Shark in episode 618. Their twins were the surprise and delight of their life when they were born, but what they quickly found out is dealing with two infants at once is a real handful. Michelle especially struggled to […]

Thai Coconut Opener – Coco Jack

Dave Goodman, a former orchestra conductor from New York City, hit the road in 2012 to make his vision for Coco Jack, a Thai Coconut opener, come true. He left New York to live in trailers in Austin, Nashville, and other states out west. While living this seemingly nomadic lifestyle, he was actually building a business. […]

Bed Rider Pick Up Truck Seats – BedRyder

In the past, having a pick up truck bed rider was a dangerous thing. People riding in the bed of a pick-up truck could easily be flung from the vehicle, even without being involved in an accident. George Conway solved that problem for pick-up truck owners when he invented BedRyder, the only pick-up truck bed rider […]

Sorority Clothes – Frill Clothing

Kate Steadman and Sharon Bui pitch their line of Made in the USA sorority clothes in Shark Tank episode 618 on Friday, March 6, 2015. What are sorority clothes? According to Frill Clothing, they are dresses and accessories sorority girls wear when they are getting recruited for a sorority. Apparently, for many sororities, being dressed […]

Inflatable Solar Light

Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta pitch LuminAID, an inflatable solar light they developed to be able to provide a simple lighting solution to people in crisis due to natural disasters. They witnessed the devastation of the Haitian earthquakes in 2010 and when they were caught in an earthquake in Japan a year later, they realized […]

Scholarship App – Scholly

Christopher Gray got his scholarships the old fashioned way – without a scholarship app. He did manage to amass over $1.6 million in scholarship monies to attend Drexel University and he needed every penny of it; he wasn’t born into money. What he learned while getting all that cash for college was that there are […]

Back Packs by Taaluma Totes

Jack Dufour and Alley Heffren are two young, adventurous college-aged kids who practically have their back packs surgically attached to their bodies! They like to travel, and need a good back pack while visiting the many places they go to. College kids in general are big into back packs, whether it’s for lugging books around […]

Smart Vent – Keen Home

Ryan Fant got inspired to invent the Keen Home “smart vent” because he didn’t like warm air blowing in his face when he was trying to fall asleep in his college apartment. He thought if he had some sort of smart phone control, he could close the vent right above his bed; he couldn’t reach it […]

Sseko – Sandals and More

Liz and Ben Bohannon come to the Shark Tank seeking an investment for Sseko sandals in episode 622. Their business is a combination of a capitalist venture and a philanthropic lifestyle business. Liz hatched Sseko (pronounced SAY-CO) while doing PR work for a non profit in Uganda. Liz was struck by the poverty in the […]

Gold Panning Kit – Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

Mark Peterson knows about the riches gold can bring, he hopes the Sharks bring their riches to the table when he pitches the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket, a gold panning kit, in Shark Tank episode 622. Peterson has been panning for gold in Oregon for years, but his daughter found a better way. He decided to make […]

Booby Pack – Fanny Pack for your Rack

Christina Conrad hopes the Sharks rave about the Booby Pack, a fanny pack for your rack inspired by the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene, in Shark Tank episode 622. The Booby Pack is essentially a sports bra with a zippered, waterproof pocket for cash, credit cards and a cell phone. Conrad, who likes attending raves, […]

Fun Bites Food Cutter

Bobbie Rhoads invented Fun Bites because she had a picky eater at home. You know the type – the kids that plays with their food and thinks everything is “yucky.” To combat her daughter’s bad habit of eating nothing but bite-sized junk food, Bobbie would cut things up into tiny pieces so the kid would […]

Cheese Dog Chews – Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chews takes two things dogs love and puts them together: cheese and something you can chew. Nishes, Sujan, and Suman Shrestha pitch Himalayan Dog Chews to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 615. The product was “invented” in 2003 when Nishes’ dog started chewing on some Himalayan cheese. After four years of R&D, Nishes, […]

Lip Bar: Cocktail-Inspired Lipstick

Melissa Butler initially wanted to have a mobile Lip Bar truck for her business, at least that’s what she said she wanted the funds from a failed Indie Go-Go campaign for. The campaign raised around $13K – half what she was asking – and the truck never got rolling. The Lip Bar is still very […]

Floating Beverage Holder – BevBoy

Kevin Waltermire wants to be an entrepreneurial super hero in Shark Tank episode 615 when he pitches BevBoy, a floating beverage holder. BevBoy the product is “named after the American River Otter Superhero, Beverage Boy, whose superpower is to make beverages float.” Making beverages float might not be the coolest super-power out there, but it’s […]

Grass Pee-Pad – Fresh Patch

Andrew Feld brings grass, in the form of a grass pee-pad for dogs, into the Shark Tank in episode 616. He calls his product Fresh Patch and it’s literally a patch of grass in a box. The idea is to use it as a training tool for dogs, getting them to want to train on […]

No Clog Drain Stopper – Drain Strain

A drain stopper may not be the sexiest product ever to appear on Shark Tank, but entrepreneur and inventor Naushad Ali hopes the Sharks like his Drain Strain invention in episode 616. Ali invented the product, which pops out of the drain with a twist, to catch all the hair his wife and daughter were plugging […]

Climate Control for Beds – Bed Jet

Bed Jet inventor Mark Aramli decided designing consumer products and starting his own business was more exciting than designing space suits for NASA, so in 2013 he decided to do just that. Aramli pitches Bed Jet to the Sharks in episode 616. BedJet is a climate control system for your bed; in the cold winter […]

Balm Chicky Sharable Lip Balm

Balm Chicky Balm Balm. Just say the words, and people of a certain generation get images of over the top, 1970’s porn movie soundtracks. This is just the vibe entrepreneurs Liz Moskow and Abby Schwalb are going for with their sharable lip balm that they pitch in episode 616. Their entire brand is based on double […]

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