Time Locking Container – Kitchen Safe

David Krippendorf and Ryan Tseng pitch their invention and successful Kickstarter project, Kitchen Safe, a time locking container, in Shark Tank episode 612. Kitchen Safe is just that: it’s a safe for your kitchen. The idea is you put food items that are tempting in the locking container, set the lock, and it will not […]

Green Fire Log – Earth Log

Tom Sanetti invented the Earth Log at his kitchen table while trying to figure out how to effectively burn the TONS of junk mail he received in his mailbox each day. He found by combining waste paper and scrap candle wax, he could create a 100% recycled, green fire log. Tom hopes to light a […]

Toilet Stool – Squatty Potty

Shark Tank has seen its share of crappy business ideas, but Squatty Potty – a toilet stool that puts you in the proper pooping posture – might be the crappiest! Mother and son entrepreneurs Judy and Bobby Edwards think their product is crappy too, but in a very healthy way! They’ll pitch Squatty Potty to […]

PipCorn Organic Mini Popcorn

Jeff and Jen Martin are a brother and sister team that likes snacking on their Pipcorn, popcorn made from heirloom corn kernels. They’ll pitch their Pipsnacks line, which features Pipcorn, in episode 610. Pipcorn was a product, and a snack, born from an empty pantry. Back in 2010, Jeff was helping Jen move and the […]

Vegan Cheese – Heidi Ho

Heidi Lovig, a Cordon Bleu trained vegan chef, pitches Heidi Ho – her line of Vegan Cheese – in Shark Tank episode 610. Lovig first got the idea for creating her product when she consulted at a Portland, OR area restaurant on their vegan offerings. She found existing vegan cheese concoctions full of oil and […]

The Plywood Alternative – Storm Stoppers

I was first introduced to Storm Stoppers – the Plywood Alternative – when business owner John Smith contacted me during season five. He sent in a tape and applied to the show, but he wasn’t chosen to air. Apparently, persistence pays off, because John applied for season six and now he’s airing on the 100th […]

Bullet Bottle Opener – Bottle Breacher

Navy Seal turned entrepreneur, Elijah Crane hopes the Sharks open up and invest in his bullet bottle opener, called Bottle Breacher, in episode 608. Crane started selling his version of the bullet bottle opener on Etsy a couple of years ago. The reason I say “his version,” is there are many bullet bottle opener products […]

Dog Training – Priority 1 Canine

If you have a dog, good dog training is imperative to the well-being of the dog and its family. When you want a personal security dog, dog training takes on a whole new level of importance. Wade and Lori Morrell know this, you can tell by the way they train their dogs. They’re pitching Priority […]

Athletic Hand Protection – Natural Grip

Army Corps of Engineers Captain and entrepreneur Ashley Drake, along with CrossFit athlete Danielle Sidell, pitch The Natural Grip, an athletic training hand protection system, in Shark Tank episode 608. If you’ve ever lifted weights or done pull-ups for an extended period of time, you know why Drake invented the Natural Grip. It’s kind of a cross […]

Back Pack for Men – Man Pack

When Aaron Tweedie set out to make Man Pack, a back pack for men, he wanted something that was both functional AND “masculine.” Men toting satchels have often been, right or wrong, the object of a certain amount of ridicule. Words like “murse” and “man purse” come to mind when you see a guy carrying […]

Ultimate Karaoke Machine – SingTrix

It’s official: Singtrix, the ULTIMATE Karaoke machine, is the coolest product to ever appear on Shark Tank! Developed by John Devecka and Eric Berkowitz, who helped create Guitar Hero, the Singtrix is a Karaoke machine that turns anyone into a bona fide rock star. They’ll pitch Singtrix to the Sharks in episode 609. Singtrix is a Karaoke […]

Weighted Compression Gear – TITIN

Patrick Whaley was your typical 90 pound weakling when he first got the idea for TITIN , his line of weighted compression gear. He’ll pitch his product to the Sharks in episode 609 on Halloween night. Whaley used to walk around with a weighted backpack when he was a skinny kid to help build muscle. […]

Urban Beardsman – Beardbrand

Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand, will introduce the Sharks and the world to the “Urban Beardsman” in episode 609 on Halloween night. He wants an investment in his Bearbrand website where he curates and sells the finest accessories for the aforementioned urban beardsman. Bandholz started his business by creating an online community of like-minded urban […]

Velcro Belts for Kids – Myself Belts

Talia Goldfarb hopes the Sharks find a fit in their portfolios for her belts for kids, Myself Belts. Talia invented Myself Belts with her sister back in 2004 when she realized there were no belts for kids that were easy to put on without parental help. Her own son was very independent and wanted to […]

Honeymoon Gift Registry – Honeyfund

The best part about getting married is the honeymoon and Josh and Sara Margulis want to help people pay for their trip with Honeyfund, a free, online, honeymoon gift registry service. They’ll pitch the business to the Sharks in episode 604. The couple started Honeyfund when they got married back in 2006 because the “other” honeymoon gift […]

Olive Oil Bar – The Oilerie

Olive Oil Bar franchiser Curt Campbell hopes the Sharks want to cook up a deal for the Oilerie in Shark Tank episode 604. Curt and his wife, Amy Jo, opened the first Oilerie in 2003 in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. They’ve since franchised their olive oil bar concept to 6 more locations: Brookfield, WI; Columbus, OH; Hilton Head, SC; Lake Oswego, OR; Maple […]

Personal Security App – EmergenSee

Phil Reitnour and Jason D. Friedberg enter the Shark Tank seeking funding for EmergenSee, their personal security app, in episode 604. Philip Reitnour founded the company behind the app in 2012 after witnessing a road rage incident. The personal security app is being used on dozens of college campuses nationwide, but its usefulness goes beyond […]

Beat Box Beverages – Mixed Drinks in a Box

Justin Fenchel wanted an alternative to thirty packs of beer and boxed wine when he went to parties and events, so he invented Beat Box Beverages – “mixed drinks” in a box. Fenchel, along with COO Aimey Steadman and co-founder Brad Schulz, hopes the Sharks invest in the fledgling beverage company in episode 604. Calling […]

Mustache Sunglasses – Sun Staches

The guys who invented Sun Staches did what any good friend would do for a friend who had trouble growing facial hair: they put a mustache on some sunglasses and gave them to him. It sounds weird, but that’s how Sun Staches got its start! College buddies and business partners Dan Gerson, David Levich, and Eric Liberman […]

Better Bouncing Toy – Jungle Jumparoo

Steve and Rachel McMurtrey, husband and wife entrepreneurs from Utah, pitch their version of a better bouncing toy for kids in Shark Tank episode 605. Their Jungle Jumparoo was a 2014 Parent’s Choice Award winner because it’s fun, compact, promotes exercise, and it’s safer than traditional trampolines. The only other bouncing toy alternative to the […]

Hot Girl Caddy Service – Caddy Girls

What does a hot girl caddy do for your golf game? Probably nothing, except make it a bit more interesting – and scenic! Meghan Tarmey, a model and the brains behind the beauty of this operation, hopes the Sharks like her hot girl caddy service, Caddy Girls, enough to invest when she pitches in episode 605. […]

The Red Dress Boutique

The Red Dress Boutique might be the most successful business to enter the Shark Tank in season six, or any other season for that matter. Husband and wife business partners Josh and Diana Harbour took Diana’s dream and turned it into a $7 million dollar per year, online juggernaut. They’ll pitch in the Shark Tank […]

Cake Rental – Fun Cakes

I got very excited when I found out Kimberly Aya and her cake rental business, Fun Cakes, was going to appear in Shark tank episode 606. I first “met” Kimberly as a reader of THE Shark Tank Blog, she won one of the many contests we have throughout the years. When I interviewed Kimberly, she […]

Reviver Clothing Swipes

Ben and Eric Kusins, brothers from a very entrepreneurial family, introduce a new “fragrance delivery system,” Reviver Clothing Swipes, to Shark Tank and the world in episode 606. Reviver Clothing Swipes are a small, fabric covered “swipe” that fit over your fingers; when you swipe it across your clothing, the fragrance infused waxy material inside […]

Table Jacks Table Stabilizers

Steve Christian hopes the Sharks like Table Jacks, his invention that eliminates “table wobble,” in episode 606. Christian created Table Jacks to give restaurant owners an easy way to eliminate wobbly tables without using napkins or cardboard. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with a wobbly table, you know what a turn off it is. […]

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