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PC Classes Online – Let’s Get Some Sushi

PC Classes OnlinePC Classes Online entrepreneur David Cox has some help from comedy writer Bruce Vilanch while pitching his online technology education classes in the Shark Tank in episode 408. Vilanch has written for many major comedians throughout his lengthy career and has been a writer for the Academy Awards since 1989. The latest cross promotion for the Academy Awards promises to be a memorable one: by 10 PM eastern time Friday night, Shark Tank Fans all over America will be echoing Vilanch’s words, “let’s get some sushi.”

PC Classes Online History

David Cox, who happens to hail from my hometown of Natick, MA, earned his wings in the computer world as The Mac Guru. He does everything related to setting up Mac Computers from offering support to repair to offering tutorials on how to use Steve Job’s baby. The Mac Guru came from  David’s flair for teaching. He began offering classes at an Apple Computers dealer in 2009 and noticed two things about his pupils – they were numerous (lines formed out the door at the dealership) and they were all over 50.

He knew he was on to something and created PC Classes Online in 2011. The company slogan says it all: “We use technology to teach technology to everyone who didn’t grow up with it.” PC Classes online has a curriculum that offers live classes in limited locations and has a vast video lesson library that teaches beginners and intermediates alike the ins and outs of using Macs or PCs. Courses cover basic set-up to video editing to cloud configurations and much more. PC Classes Online is an online, virtual computer school.

For a nominal $199 per year fee, a subscriber gets access to all live classes and the entire online video curriculum. Compared to many single subject adult education offerings you’d find on computers in many communities, that’s a bargain!  It’s like having a computer teacher right on your desk top. I would imagine PC Classes Online will continue to expand on its curriculum as technology changes. For folks new to computing, PC Classes Online is a godsend.

Can the Sharks Compute?

Barbara Corcoran seems to have an aversion to computer related businesses, so I am not sure if she’d be interested. The other four Sharks may be. Robert, Mr. Wonderful, and Mark are all “computer guys” to one degree or another, so they will get it. Daymond is an education guy, so he might like that aspect of the business. Kevin O’Leary made his fortune selling educational software and he has funded other online learning tools in the Shark Tank, so he seems to be an obvious target for PC Classes Online. I expect Mr. Wonderful to make an offer.

Subscription based services, while profitable, might be a turn-off for the Sharks. The revenue can fluctuate from year to year and future success depends on the roll out of new offerings. The benefit of the business model is it is information based; there are no manufacturing woes, patent issues, or retail distribution hassles. The business depends on the quality of the curriculum, branding, and marketing, which is something the Sharks will grasp. Mr. Cox may have some money in the business, but I am willing to bet he has much more sweat equity into it than actual cash.

If David Cox has a reasonable valuation and the Sharks like his business model, expect multiple offers.

Let’s Get Some Sushi

I hope Bruce Vilanch brings more value to his friend David Cox and PC Classes Online than Seth MacFarlane did for No Fly Cone. A celebrity endorser should endorse the product, not detract from it. Comedians who endorse a product should also be funny. Hopefully, Vilanch will bring both value and humor to this pitch. He better write some good material for MacFarlane when he hosts the Academy Awards, too.

I will be chatting with David on Wednesday, so look for another preview interview later this week!

PC Classes Online has Sushi in the Shark tank

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