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Shark Tank Season 4 Season Final: LugLess, ScrubDaddy & More

Dr. Doofenshmirtz shark tank season 4 season finale


  • Double dose of Shark Tank: Two exciting new episodes on May 17th to end Season 4 with a bang!
  • Hero sisters pitching patriotic jewelry, scone wars, luggage battles & geeky gaming furniture
  • Exclusive dating, gourmet grilled cheese, kid entrepreneur’s pet treats & a translation app for travelers
  • Surprise comedy “pitch” from animated mad scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz caps off the season

The Shark Tank Season 4 season finale brings us a double dose of new episodes on Friday, May 17.

At 8 PM, episode 423 airs. It was originally scheduled for Friday, April 19, but national news coverage of the Boston bombings preempted the broadcast. ABC decided to add this episode to the season finale line-up in the earlier slot – partly to be fair to the businesses appearing and partly to reinforce the “dual episode” format they’re going with for the remainder of May. Episode 424, the last new Shark Tank episode of season 4, airs at 9 PM.

There won’t be any new Shark Tank episodes until season 5, which was picked up by ABC recently, begins in September. Entrepreneurs all over the country are attending casting calls, sending in their applications and attending auditions, hoping to be the next Shark Tank success story.

Season Finale Part 1: Episode 423

The season finale night begins with episode 423 at 8 PM. Lori occupies the “ladies’ seat” in this episode as old friend Aaron Krause and his Scrub Daddy sponge are the featured update segment. He got a deal with Lori back in episode 407 and Scrub Daddy is a big hit!

Stella Valle is a jewelry business started by entrepreneurs, former West Point cadets, army officers, and sisters Ashley Jung and Paige Dellavalle. The young ladies are true American heroes and they hope their jewelry will appeal to modern women’s sensibilities with its geometric and somewhat androgynous designs. Will the sisters get a deal or be sent “back to the barracks?”

Jones Scones founder J. Jones hopes the Sharks like his version of the scone. He created what he calls “cream scones” which are tastier and have a better texture than standard scones. Will the Sharks nibble on Jones Scones or send J. Jones home with crumbs?

LugLess entrepreneur Brian Altamore hopes the Sharks like his alternative to checking bags at the airport as he pitches his door-to-door luggage pick up service. Will Brian get an investment or will the Sharks send him packing?

Geek Chic owner and furniture maker Robert Gifford pitches his unique, custom-made, gaming furniture to the Sharks. In my prediction for when this segment was supposed to air, I said Geek Chic would not get a deal. Since then, ABC released a photo showing Gifford and Robert Herjavec shaking hands on the set. This leads me to believe Robert invests.

Season Finale Part 2: Episode 424

The real season finale episode gets under way at 9 PM with Barbara in the “ladies’ seat” this time. Episode 424 features an Ice Chips update segment. Beverly Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary started Ice Chips in their garage, earning them the moniker “two grannies in a garage” and an investment from Mark and Lori in episode 408.

Entrepreneur Val Brennen pitches her exclusive, online dating platform called Three Day Rule to the Sharks in the season finale. Will the Sharks like the invitation only dating site for successful singles or will they be wall flowers?

Tom and Chee owners and grilled cheese connoisseurs Trew Quackenbush and Corey Ward introduce the Sharks to their successful Cincinnati area restaurant chain. Will the Sharks dine on grilled cheese or send Trew and Corey home without anything in their take-out container?

Ryan’s Barkery entrepreneur, 11 year-old Ryan Kelly, hopes the Sharks invest in his home-made, organic dog treats in the season 4 finale. Ryan hopes there are Dogsharks in the Shark Tank so he leaves with an investment instead of with his tail between his legs.

Wharton Business school graduates Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda hope their app which provides international travelers access to live translators called VerbalizeIt gets the Sharks in a feeding frenzy. Will they leave with an investment or will the Sharks be unable to understand what they’re saying?

Dr. Doofenshmirtz, the mad scientist from Phineas and Ferb has a “comic relief” segment in the season finale as the animated inventor pitches the Sharks on his latest “inator” invention.

As Shark Tank season 4 comes to a close, Shark Tank blog will continue to do updates and interviews until season 5 begins in September. Have a great summer, and watch out for SHARKS!


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  1. Bogusia Kenney says

    US Marine Female Offended.
    I am a femsle US Marine, and I am no longer going to watch your show. You are loosing a regular viewer, and I will tell you why. I just watched the Stella Valle presentation on you program, and I was incredibly offended. Your program made military females look very insignificant, and your have contributed to a bad reputation which I battle everyday. I fight to be a professional equal, and those two dishonored themselves and every other uniformed person, especially uniformed women, by tearing off our uniforms and dressing like call girls. Why would you allow that? It was cheep, in poor taste, lowbrow, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Thanks you Shark Tank and Stella Vella for making an actually seasoned US Marine work harder. Like it wasn’t tough enough already. I am done with your program.

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