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Shark Tank Tuesday – June 17

shark tank tuesdays cnbc shark tank tuesdayShark Tank Tuesday has been a big hit for CNBC and a big hit for the businesses that re-run on Tuesday nights. For many newer Shark Tank fans, Shark Tank Tuesday is the first opportunity to see the season 1 shows, most of which haven’t re-aired in several years. For the past few weeks, the Shark Tank Tuesday has featured season 1 re-runs and many season one entrepreneurs are reporting spikes in web traffic and sales.

Shark Tank Tuesday Episodes 101 & 103

This coming Tuesday, CNBC offers up episode 101 and episode 103. Episode 101 features the first “big deal” in Shark Tank history: AVA the Elephant. Entrepreneur Tiffany Krumins had nothing more than a clay model when she pitched in the Tank, now she has a global business! This episode also has the creepiest Shark Tank pitch ever: Ionic Ear. Rounding out episode 101 are College Foxes Packing Boxes, WiSpots, and Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory. The entrepreneurs who taped this show, the pilot episode, didn’t even know if the show would get picked up; they were investing in its success just as much as the producers were.

The other Shark Tank Tuesday show for June 17 is episode 103. This show features Turbobaster, 50 State Capitals Deck, Chopstick Art, Stress Free Kids, and Voyage Air Guitar. Lori Lite did a deal with Barbara for Stress Free Kids and went on to tremendous success. Voyage Air Guitar didn’t do a deal, but still got an update in season 2. Unbeknownst to many, they actually taped a segment for season three; it didn’t air because the deal they did with Mr. Wonderful was too complex to fit into an 8-10 minute segment! Entrepreneur Jeff Cohen says the deal they did with Kevin O’Leary is one of the biggest in the show’s history. They got a second update in season 4, too.

Shark Tank Tuesday nights have catapulted CNBC to the top of the charts for Tuesday viewing and helped some other shows, like The Profit, gain a new and larger audience. With season six about to start taping, Tuesdays could be loaded with Sharks for years to come!

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