Hand Bag Rain Coat – Protecting the Purse

Cousins Morgan and Arley Sarner invented the Hand Bag Rain Coat to protect their expensive fashion hand bags. With some handbags costing thousands of dollars, like Louis Vitton Handbags, they are an item people want to protect! The two cousins love going into New York City and flashing their fashion, and that includes pricey designer […]

ManScaped – Manscaping Products

Josh and Steve King, a father and son entrepreneurial team, introduce the Sharks to ManScaped, their “manscaping” products for men, in episode 1004. Man Scaped specifically makes products for grooming “below the belt.” The company mission is “caring for your crotch.” Their products includes the Crop Cleanser, a wash; the Preserver, an anti-chafing moisturizer; the […]

Cave Shakes – Keto Diet Shakes

Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro pitch Cave Shakes, their vegan meal replacement shakes, in Shark Tank episode 1004. Cave Shakes use coconut milk as its base ingredient. They’re drinkable at room temperature, but when you chill them, they thicken to a near ice cream consistency. In addition to coconut milk, Cave Shakes contain natural sugars, stevia, salt, […]

ButterCloth – The World’s Most Comfortable Shirt

ButterCloth founder Danh Tran started designing his own clothes at age ten. He learned while working in his family’s small tailor shop in Viet Nam as a child. In 1994, he came to the USA to go to school at the Otis College of Design. After he graduated, he spent the next 20 years as a fashion […]

BoomBoom – Pocket Aromatherapy

Chelsea and John Pinto look for the sweet smell of success when they pitch BoomBoom , their portable aromatherapy energy inhaler, in Shark Tank episode 1004. BoomBoom inhalers are about the size of a Vicks inhaler. Each tube is infused with menthol,  “essential oils and stimulating scents.” Basically you shove the inhaler up your nose […]

Souper Girl Healthy Soups

Mother/daughter “souptrepreneurs” Marilyn and Sara Polon want a super deal for Souper Girl, their super fresh soup business. They’ve been making soup in the greater Washington DC area since 2008 and they’ve become quite the toast of the town. They started small  as a web-based soup service, then grew to a take-out store in Takoma. They […]

Beyond Sushi – Vegan Sushi Restaurants

When chef Guy Vaknin founded the first Beyond Sushi vegan sushi restaurant in 2012, he didn’t know he’d be fare for the carnivorous Sharks six years later. Vaknin is the first vegan restaurant to appear in the Tank and he hopes he’ll “give the vegan food movement a national spotlight.” Chef Vaknin pitches his vegan sushi […]

Bundil App – Turn Spare Change Into Cryptocurrency

Dmitri Love hopes his Bundil App will catch the Shark’s attention when he pitches it in episode 1002. Bundil works like other “spare change” apps: you link a credit or debit card to the app and it “rounds up” purchases, depositing the extra change into an investment account. There are several well known apps – […]

Ta Ta Towel Keeps Your Ta Tas Dry

Erin Robertson made her first Ta Ta Towel after agonizing about breast sweat during a date. That must have been some date. It seems her breasts are on the large side and, when it’s particularly hot, they get a lot of moisture where they hang down. So she brainstormed about how to solve the problem […]

The Shed Defender Stops Shedding Mess from Dogs

Myles and Tyson Walters pitch the Shed Defender to the Sharks in episode 1003. Normally, I try to put a positive spin on the products that are on Shark Tank, but I’m having a tough time with the Shed Defender. Tyson owns a Saint Bernard and the dog sheds – a lot. Just about everything […]

Sanaia Applesauce for Grownups

Keisha Jeremie wants grown ups to eat applesauce, specifically her Sanaia Applesauce. Jeremie grew up making applesauce like snacks out of native tamarind in the Caribbean. When she moved to the states to attend school, she started making applesauce from green apples in her dorm room at the University of Virginia. Her dorm mates loved […]

LugBug Ergonomic Baby Seat Handle

It took a dislocated shoulder for Nathan Day to invent the LugBug, a universal baby seat handle that’s ergonomically correct. Day pitches his product, a sturdy plastic handle that clips onto any baby seat, in Shark Tank episode 1003. Baby seats and carriers are designed with the safety of babies in mind, not necessarily the […]

Box Lock – Preventing Porch Piracy

Brad Ruffkess hopes Box Lock is to package delivery as Ring is to door bells. Ruffkess introduces his smart lock in Shark Tank episode 1001. The product tackles a growing problem: porch pirates that steal packages. As many as half of all packages delivered in urban areas get stolen each year. That causes a lot […]

FinalStraw – Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

Emma Cohen and Miles Pepper created FinalStraw to bring attention to the problem of plastic waste in our oceans. They’re also keen on making a profit. The message they bring to the season ten premier of Shark Tank is one of both conservation and profit. Profits aren’t likely going to be a problem, the pair […]

LeGlue – Temporary LEGO Adhesive

Tripp Phillips, with some help from his father Lee, invented LeGlue at age ten. He wanted to solve a problem: his LEGO projects kept falling apart on him. If you are a LEGO aficionado, you know it can take hours – or even days – to complete a project. One accidental bump or drop can […]

The Bear Minimum – Pocket Cook Pot

Heidi and Cory Santiago pitch Corey’s invention, the Bear Minimum, in the season ten premier of Shark Tank. Their product is a play on words that hints at both the outdoor uses and its small size. The Bear Minimum is a folding cooking pot for taking on the go. It literally folds into a wallet […]

Will There Be a Shark Tank Season Ten?

After moving to Sundays and losing viewers for a second consecutive season, people are wondering if there will be a Shark Tank season ten. Ratings peaked for the entrepreneurial reality show in season six with 9 million viewers. Since then, they’ve been declining. In season 8, the show only managed to get 6 million viewers. […]

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