Press Waffles Restaurants

Press Waffles founders Caleb and Bryan Lewis loved waffles as kids. Older brother Bryan rediscovered his love for waffles while summering in Belgium back in 2013 with his wife. They ate Belgian waffles every day and fell in love with them. Belgian waffles differ from the waffles most Americans are familiar with because they are […]

Pickup Pools Truck Bed Pool Liner

Tommy Prestella, an active duty air force pilot, invented Pickup Pools because his daughter was hot and wanted to go swimming. It was a hot Arkansas summer day at Little Rock Air Force Base and the Prestella’s didn’t have a pool, so Tommy made one. He took tarp and a bunch of bungee cords and […]

Dare-U-Go Food Storage Bib

Dare-U-Go creator Lisa D’Amato made her claim to fame on America’s Top Model as a sassy, outspoken woman.  She was so good, she even won an All Stars competition. None of that prepared her for motherhood. She didn’t count on the minor mayhem or messes associated with parenting two toddlers, especially when it was time […]

WildEarth Dog Treats

Ryan Bethencourt’s WildEarth Dog treats are part mad science and part genius. They’re grown in the lab using a bioreactor. He feeds Koji, a fungus that grows on grain, with beet sugar and it synthesizes the sugar into pure protein. It’s a vegan dog treat with all the protein a dog needs. Bethencourt is vegan […]

Pooch-Selfie for Smart Phone Camera

Jason Hernandez invented The Pooch-Selfie so he could take better selfies with his dog. Dogs are wonderful creatures, but they don’t always sit still for a photo-op. They tend to get distracted by just about anything. Pooch Selfie solves the problem by becoming the distraction. Basically, it’s a clamp for your cell phone that holds […]

Urban Float Relaxation Tanks

Scott Swerland and Joe Beaudry bring their own tank into the Shark Tank when they pitch Urban Float, their sensory deprivation/relaxation spa business into Shark Tank episode 1013. Sensory deprivation tanks were all the rage in the late sixties and seventies. They were touted as a way to completely relax and unwind. They lost favor […]

Kudo Banz for Positive Parenting

Amanda Naqvi created Kudo Banz to help herself parent her own kids in a more positive way. There’s a ton of research that says positive reinforcement makes for more well-behaved kids, so she set out to become a more positive parent. Anyone with kids knows about sticker charts; they’re a way to visibly reward a […]

Toy Box Labs – Print Your Own Toys

Toy Box Labs introduces a toy that makes toys in Shark Tank episode 1015 when Jen Chin and Ben Baltes demonstrate their 3D printer made especially for kids. With the Toy Box 3D printer and their online platform, you can choose from over 500 (and growing) small toys a kid can print in a short […]

Moink Meats Are Sustainable

Lucinda Cramsey tells the Sharks about Moink Meats, sourced from small family farms in episode 1015. The chicken, pork, beef and fish she sells are all ethically sourced and humanely raised. Big factory farms generally have poor conditions and the animals aren’t treated well. Moink meats come from free range, pastured animals. She and her […]

Jolly Roger Messes with Telemarketers

Stephen Berskson and Roger Anderson’s Jolly Roger Telephone Company is a hysterical solution to annoying telemarketers. Anderson is a telephony engineer and consultant who decided to fight back against unscrupulous and annoying telemarketers by hitting them where it hurts: in the wallet. The fact that the solution is entertaining is a bonus. Barely a day […]

Goal Setter Teaches Kids to Save Money

Tanya Van Court, creator of Goal Setter, knows about kids. She’s a mother of three and a former Nickelodeon executive. For years, she oversaw content creation for kids but it was her own child that inspired Goal Setter. Her daughter really wanted a bike for her birthday, instead she got a bunch of toys she […]

Zookie’s Cookies – Bisquick for Dogs

Friends and serial entrepreneurs turned business partners Justin Miller and Tom Simon made Zookie’s Cookies, their ready to mix and bake dog treats, a business almost by accident. Miller baked his own dog biscuits and had a social media bake sale to raise funds for people victimized by Hurricane Harvey. When he quickly raised over […]

The Shower-Toga for Showering in Public

Kressa Peterson invented the Shower-Toga so she had a discreet way of showering off in a public place. Kressa likes to participate in Mud Runs and other outdoor activities that get you pretty dirty. She didn’t want to mess up her car, so she wanted to shower off before heading home after frolicking in the […]

Goat Yoga by Goga

Yes, goat yoga is actually real. Trey Kitchen and Rachael Phillips started their goat yoga business, called Goga, in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey hit. They wanted to raise some money to help folks impacted by the hurricane. Luckily, Trey’s mother raises baby Nigerian dwarf goats, so the goat portion of the business didn’t require a […]

CurlMix – Curly Hair Care Products

Husband and wife entrepreneurs Kim and Tim Lewis funded CurlMix in a most unorthodox manner. Tim was on the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and brought home $100,000. He used those funds to help Kim start her first business – an online social network for women with curly hair. That venture didn’t […]

The Sub Safe – Sub Container

Adam and Desiree Haller, creators of the Sub Safe, are your typical Floridians. They like fishing, boating, the beach and Publix subs. Adam got an epiphany one day while fishing off the east coast of Florida. He had a sub sandwich in his cooler, and when it was time to chow down, it was a […]

Fresh Belly Savory Baby Food

Fresh Belly baby foods’ Saskla Sorrosa believes picky eaters are made, not born. What she means is we feed our babies overly fruity, sugar laden baby foods that don’t “train” them to like the flavors of veggies early in life. This leads to picky eaters when they get older. When kids don’t eat veggies and […]

Life Lift Vortex Bed

Life Lift Vortex Bed inventors Levi Wilson and Tim Todd think  hiding under the bed isn’t a good idea, unless it’s one of their beds. It may be OK to hide under the bed when playing hide and seek, but if there’s a major storm or a burglar, it won’t keep you safe. That’s why they […]

Zorpad Shoe Odor Eliminators

Taylor Wiegele and Sierra Smith, the two Harvard MBA’s who created the Zorpad “odor destruction” shoe inserts, show how disrupting a market can come from just about anywhere. Tasked with creating a product for one of their business classes, the pair combined their areas of expertise to solve a problem. Taylor is a chemical engineer […]

Twist It Up Comb – Urban Styling

Twist it Up Comb inventor Noel Durity had to hit rock bottom before becoming a successful entrepreneur. At age 22, he dropped out of college and moved back in with his mom, penniless. He made it his goal to save $100,000 and he did it in just two and a half years. Since he didn’t […]

ZugoPet – Car Seats For Small Dogs

Carolyn Shewfelt and Juls Bindi, partners in ZugoPet, were drawn into business together out of their love for dogs. Bindi is a life-long animal lover who volunteers at many different animal shelters while balancing her career as a physical therapist to Hollywood stars and now, entrepreneur. Shewfelt was a dog lover living in Idaho who […]

Monti Kids – Montessori Based Toys

Zahra Kassam started Monti Kids to bring Montessori Education into homes with young children from 0-3 years of age. As a new mom and former early childhood education teacher, she quickly found that there weren’t a lot of quality educational toys for her to present to her own kids. With a Masters of Education from […]

Obvious Wine – Wine Simplified

Brice Baillie, an immigrant from France, created Obvious Wine to “take the snobbery” out of buying wine. The French educated MBA did a four-year stint at Price Waterhouse in Paris before moving to New York and up the corporate ladder at cosmetics giant L’Oréal. When he relocated to the Los Angeles area in 2014 and […]

The Angel Shave Club – For Women By Women

Iskra Tsenkova wants the Angel Shave Club to be for women what to be what the Dollar Shave Club was for men. In 2011, Dollar Shave Club disrupted the $13 Billion razor industry by offering quality razor blades at a lower price on a monthly subscription basis. Gillette, the world’s leading disposable razor manufacturer (and […]

Kitty Kasa Cat Houses

Husband and wife “catrepreneurs” Rusty Niedwick and Nikki Linn made their first Kitty Kasa out of necessity. Linn is a cat lover extraordinaire who left the radio business after divorcing her first husband. She got out of the radio business and opened a cat shelter. For twenty years, Linn’s shelter – the ARNI Foundation – operated in […]

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