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Affordable Marketing Solutions

You think Affordable Marketing Solutions don’t exist, despite having a great product. Your friends and family tell you to apply to Shark Tank, so you do, and then you get on, but The Sharks hate your deal because you have no sales. They say you have no proof your customers will buy your product. You’re […]

Holiday Episodes Feature Friday Re-runs

The Holidays are upon us, which means a bunch of Shark Tank re-runs leading into Christmas and the New Year. What with Christmas specials and many people focused on holiday shopping and other festivities on Friday Nights in December, ABC is opting for re-runs of season three episodes during the holiday season. On Friday, November […]

The Cold Hard Truth About The Sharks

The Cold Hard Truth about Shark Tank and investors is that everything happening on the show also happens in the real world negotiations between investors and entrepreneurs. That’s the beauty of the show. That does not mean what happens on the show happens in every negotiation, but all the scenarios do play out in the […]

Gifts from The Shark Tank for the Holidays

Gifts will be on many people’s minds in the coming weeks as the Holiday Season cranks into full gear after Thanksgiving. Fans of the hit TV show Shark Tank have many choices for gifts this year. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than gifts from your favorite entrepreneurial TV show? There are many […]

1 Great Business Lesson for Entrepreneurs from Shark Tank

Every day, you can find an article about a valuable business lesson or lessons that the hit TV show Shark Tank can teach entrepreneurs. There are articles and blog posts about “Ten Business lessons about this” or “A valuable business lesson about that.” Granted, the Shark Tank is a rare animal in the television jungle; […]

Why is Reality TV Show Shark Tank a Ratings Hit?

The Reality TV Show phenomena has grown to almost grotesque proportions. Reality TV shows started out with a few experiments like the grandaddies of them all, MTV’s Real Life and CBS’s Survivor. Now, the Reality TV show landscape is littered with an exponentially increasing amount of niche interest programming from gypsy weddings to celebrity ghost […]

Data Storage Management and Virtualization for Business

This post brought to you by CDW. All opinions are 100% mine.   CDW started as a small business back in 1984 selling computer hardware and networking gear. The company has grown quite a bit through the years and is now a global corporate giant with sales of well over $9 Billion per year. CDW […]

4 Lessons in Business from Entrepreneurs in the Shark Tank

There are many lessons in business any entrepreneur can learn from “Shark Tank” and apply toward their own business. Sure, these folks are on national television trying to get a sizable investment from a celebrity, but if you are serious about your business you should always be just as prepared. You never know who you’ll […]

Drinking Game Goes 2.0

Last month, I predicted the Shark Tank Drinking Game could become a cultural phenomena, and I was right! There are many Shark Tank fans spending their Friday nights getting loose with this fun new drinking game that is taking the Nation by storm. Mark Cuban provided the seed idea for the Shark Tank Drinking Game […]

The Social Shark on FuzziBunz, PostureNow, RockBands & Liz Lovely

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Social Shark, where I critique Shark Tank entrepreneurs’ social media profiles. Social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to a business website, engaging customers, and making potential new customers aware of your business’ products and/or services. My name is Stephanie Lichtenstein, also known as “MicroSteph;” […]

Social Media for Shark Tank Entrepreneurs The Social Shark

          Social media should be in the Shark Tank! Welcome to The Social Shark, a new feature on The Shark Tank Blog where I will give video critiques and tips to each Shark Tank entrepreneur who appears on the show. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stephanie Lichtenstein. I […]

Shark Tank Drinking Game

The Shark Tank Drinking Game could become a new, cultural phenomena. Shark Tank OWNS Friday nights. ABC has a real winner with everyone’s favorite venture capital reality show. Whether you tune in to watch the Sharks go at it with each other, the interesting and diverse businesses, or the occasional train wreck of an entrepreneur, you’re […]

SharkTankBlog on Facebook

The Shark Tank Blog now has a Facebook page! Each week on the Shark Tank Blog, we preview and review the upcoming episodes of everyone’s favorite “venture capitalist game show.” We also interview many of the entrepreneurs who appear on the show to get their insights on business, Shark Tank and other issues of the […]

Shark Tank Social Media: The Sharks and the Entrepreneurs

            Shark Tank is a TV phenomena that is growing in popularity and cultural impact. From the Sharks to the entrepreneurs, the visibility of the show is creating its own sub culture of fans and entrepreneurs. Social media has played a big part creating Shark Tank’s reach and “buzz factor,” […]

6 Reasons Shark Tank is Good for the American Psyche

Shark Tank is appointment TV for me. It is one of my favorite shows and being a Shark Tank fan has magically become a way of life for me. As the 22 episode, fourth season of Shark Tank looms, I found myself thinking about what is good and bad about the show. I highlighted 6 […]

Reality Show Reasons Bad For American Psyche

Behind those smiling faces lurk some serious shark teeth! The Shark Tank has taken the country by storm. It’s a wildly popular reality show that has been picked up for a 22 episode fourth season. If the over 40,000 would be entrepreneurs who auditioned for the show are any indication, the Shark Tank will be […]

Get Rid of Paperwork Clutter Once and For All

Shark Tank has introduced us to hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses over three seasons. One thing every business has in common is reams of paperwork, stacks of receipts, and piles of business cards. Organizing all this paperwork is a time consuming task, that’s where Shoeboxed comes in. Take business cards for instance. I collected all […]

Hot Dog Documentary Seeks Funding

Hot Dogs don’t have much to do with the Shark Tank, but they have a lot to do about entrepreneurship. There are tens of thousands of  “dogtrepreneurs” out on the streets selling hot dogs from tiny carts to hot dog trucks to brick and mortar joints. With a few exceptions, most of these small businesses […]

Shark Tank | Real World Experience

Many people who watch Shark Tank, ABC’s hit show, ask how sensationalized the negotiations are on the show. Entrepreneurs who don’t have an outcome the way they want, often suggest that the show is over sensationalized and does not necessarily show reality. I have stepped into the Shark Tank on more than one occasion, not […]

Success Characteristics

Shark Tank success stories share common characteristics. Success is not determined during the show, it’s after the show that counts.  Many of the Entrepreneurs who don’t get deals end up sharing in the after-the-show success stories. Chef Big Shake is a perfect example. So what is it that we see in the success stories, and […]

Amazing Zit Zapper Seeks Appearance

Shark Tank entrepreneurs have all kinds of ideas for a variety of products and services. We usually don’t hear about applicants to the Shark Tank, that is until today. The Amazing Zit Zapper was invented by entrepreneur Ray Skarbowski 40 years ago and he’s finally bringing it to market. I had the opportunity to chat […]

Online Stores: Ecommerce Thriving

Online stores are a necessity for just about any business these days. Shark Tank entrepreneurs are no exception. Litter Jewelry, funded by Daymond John and Mark Cuban, and Kisstixx, funded by Cuban alone, both use  Shopify to power their online stores. It’s no secret that appearing on The Shark Tank drives traffic to entrepreneurs’ online stores. […]

Entrepreneurs, Investors and Egos

What happens when you combine Entrepreneurs, Investors an Egos? The Shark Tank, that’s what. Make it even more interesting by editing the pitch and the bombs get tossed creating a spectacle for viewers to enjoy. This season of Entrepreneurs meet Investors on Friday night proves to provide some of the most explosive episodes of the hit […]

Twitter Bits from #Sharktank TV Shows

The Shark Tank feeding frenzy typically starts at around 7:30 PM eastern time- a half hour before the show starts. That’s when the sharks start tweeting at #Sharktank. The tweets fly fast and furious, but the sharks do answer questions from “regular folks” throughout the half hour preceding the show. If it weren’t for tweaking […]

How to Raise Money

Learning How to Raise Money requires extensive preparation that is rarely done by Entrepreneurs for several reasons.  Quite frankly, preparation is the single greatest factor that Entrepreneurs succeed at raising money for their start-up company. Entrepreneurs looking to raise money will need the following for their start-up company: Proper Legal Structure C Corporation (Allows you […]