Shark Tank Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shark Tank returns Thursday, March 7 in a special time slot at 8PM Eastern. ABC is using “encore presentations” of Shark Tank to fill the slot vacated by the cancelled “Zero Hour.” “Wife Swap” will fill the Thursday slot starting on the 21st of March. Thursday, March 7 features Episode 406 Episode 406 was a watershed […]

March Shark Tank Schedule

The March Shark Tank Schedule features added nights and repeats. With March Madness coming soon, many networks hold back on new programming. One reason to show repeats is so they don’t compete with March Madness, another is the May sweeps will be here soon and ABC wants all new programming for those precious broadcasts. The […]

Bean Bag Bed Chair

Bean bag chairs have been around for a long time, but a bean bag bed is still a relatively new concept. Entrepreneur Byron Young has been churning out CordaRoy’s since 1998. It’s a bean bag chair with a twist: it unfolds and becomes a bean bag bed! CordaRoys bean bag bed is touted as the […]

Traveling Disco Van

A traveling disco van doesn’t seem like much of a business on the surface. Entrepreneurs Andy Blackman and Heather Murphy  would beg to differ. They’ve been traveling around the country in their custom traveling disco van since 2006 putting on disco parties for families. It’s a kid-based business that, much like Th LA Coop did earlier […]

Protective Cell Phone Case

A protective cell phone case for iPhones unlike any other on the planet pitches the Sharks in episode 417. The company, Cell Helmet, was founded by three Pittsburgh guys: Mike Kane, Bryan, McHenry, and Dave Artuso with $700. They were selling cell phone cases on eBay and when they decided they wanted to make […]

Ryan Cowboy Ehmann

Ryan Cowboy Ehmann knows adversity. He claims he went from living in a trailer, having $67,000 in debt and suffering chronic back pain to winning a Nationally Televised Rodeo, shredding his abs, and selling over $1 million worth of his weight loss program in about 2 years. It’s quite a motivational story and he’ll tell […]

Stiletto Heel Switched for Wedge Flats

A Stiletto Heel Switched for Wedge flats sounds like a unique innovation in women’s shoes. Jeska Shoe Company entrepreneur Jessica Haynes brings her prototype shoes from Jeska Shoe Company to the Shark Tank in episode 420. Jessica won accolades (and first prize) at the Southern Arkansas University Donald W. Reynold’s Governor’s Cup in 2011 for her business […]

Acupressure Wrist Bands

Acupressure wrist bands are nothing new under the sun. Boaters have used them for years to combat sea sickness; I used them in a sail to Bermuda in 1987 and on numerous cruises. The problem with most acupressure wrist bands is they look like dorky tennis wrist bands; they just aren’t cool. PSI Bands is […]

Fortified Nut Butters

Nut Butters appeared on Shark Tank before – anyone remember the Wild Squirrel Nut butter gals? They got a deal with Barbara Corcoran in episode 315 in season three and had an update in episode 412 in season 4. In episode 420, Dennis Iannotti and Peter Ferreira, two fitness and nutrition experts from Pawtucket Rhode Island, bring […]

Home Tattoo Removal

Home Tattoo removal sounds like it’s an idea that’s just as bad as giving yourself a tattoo at home. Tattoos are usually put on people in a tattoo parlor, not at home, but there are many people who use primitive tattooing methods at home – usually with less than desirable results. Tattoo artistry dates back […]

Wood Sunglasses

Wood sunglasses and eyeglasses make a lot of sense to a guy like me: I am never without my “shades.” The three Dame brothers,Taylor, Brooks, and Tanner, started crafting wood sunglasses back in 2010 out of a garage. Their grandfather owned a sawmill, so the boys grew up with wood and woodworking. They’ve used that […]

High End Bedding for Girls

Bedding for girls is something, as a father of four daughters, I am very familiar with. I grew up in a house where the only female was my mother; to her chagrin, my brother and I thought sleeping bags were fancy bedding! Dust ruffles just aren’t the kind of thing boys care too much about. […]

Premium Jeans for Women

Premium jeans for women are the latest clothing related business to wade into the Shark Tank when Dallas area entrepreneurs Aimee Miller and Megan Jackson-Carreker pitch Hip Chix Jeans to the Sharks in episode 416. Blue jeans are a ubiquitous and uniquely iconic American apparel; just about everyone owns a pair of jeans (or two). Men […]

Duck Hunting Camouflage Gear

Duck hunting is a way of life for the hunters who enjoy it. Although duck hunting represents a small portion of the overall hunting population, Muddy Water Camo “huntrepreneurs” Steve Maloney and Stephen Kirkpatrick hope to capture a large segment of the over 18 million hunters in the USA. Muddy Water Camo was originally designed […]

Online Therapy Website

When I heard Bea Arthur was pitching an online therapy business in episode 418, I wondered if the actress who played Maude on TV in the 1970’s had come back to life! The Bea Arthur who will pitch Pretty Padded Room to the Sharks is NOT that Bea Arthur. She’s a young, twenty something, psychotherapist […]

Mister Wonderful makes a Million Dollar Offer

Mister Wonderful does fewer deals than any other Shark, but he’s always making offers. He seems to make multiple offers every week, but they aren’t always accepted. Mister Wonderful makes a BIG offer in episode 418, a million dollar offer at that! There was one other million dollar offer in season four; Lori and Mark made a […]

Custom Sushi – How Do You Roll

Custom Sushi sounds like a pretty good concept to me. It sounds good to Yeun and Peter Yung, owners of a fast growing sushi franchise concept called How Do You Roll with stores in 5 states. In addition to “traditional” sushi offerings, How Do You Roll offers custom sushi: customers can build their sushi rolls with […]

Smuffins Baking in The Shark Tank

Smuffins is fun to say and they’re yummy to eat. What’s are Smuffins? They’re a “muffinized” version of the iconic campfire snack, the S’more. Entrepreneur Carmen Lindner will feed the Sharks some Smuffins in episode 418. She’s pitching Gotta Have S’More, the latest food biz to pitch the Sharks and the first purveyor of confections […]

New Hampshire Teens Swim in Shark Tank

These six Londonderry, New Hampshire teens (actually a couple of them aren’t even teens yet) are set to take the nation by storm when they appear on Shark Tank episode 418. They aren’t your stereotypical kids who loll around playing video games, they’re part of the Inventioneers, a group formed to compete in the First […]

Hand Held Cooler

A thirteen-year-old hand held cooler business makes its way into the Shark Tank in episode 415. My Cold Snap is basically an over-sized drink tumbler with a snapping mechanism that keeps a canned or bottled beverage cold for up to an hour. It does this by keeping ice and water in the hand held cooler, […]

Recycled Dry Cleaning Bag

A re-usable Dry Cleaning bag seems like an idea whose time has come. So did husband  and wife entrepreneurs Rick Siegel and Jennie Nigrosh. They got sick of throwing away tons of plastic dry cleaning bags, s o they created The Green Garmento. Nearly 130 million POUNDS of plastic dry cleaning bags are tossed away every […]

Coffee Pouches instead of Chewing Tobacco

Coffee Pouches as a substitute for chewing tobacco? This sounds like one of the strangest “food” items to hit the Shark Tank in quite some time. Billed as an energy supplement and chewing tobacco alternative by entrepreneurs Matt Canepa and Pat Pazet, Grinds Coffee Pouches are catching on with major and minor league ball players […]

Hooded Sweatshirt Pillowcase

A hooded sweatshirt pillowcase business finds its way into the Shark Tank in episode 415. The invention is called the Hoodie Pillow and it’s the product of  husband and wife team Chris and Dana Hindley. The Hindleys are new parents, to TRIPLETS and Chris, a light sleeper, invented the  hooded sweatshirt pillowcase, called the Hoodie Pillow, […]

February Schedule Features LOTS of New and Old Episodes

The February schedule is crowded, much to the delight of Shark Tank fans! The month will be packed with new episodes on Friday nights and re-runs on other nights. ABC is plugging in some Thursday and Sunday night re-runs in the February schedule, possibly to test the lucrative Thursday night-time slot for the future. February […]

MP3 Teddy Bear

An MP3 Teddy Bear is an idea that’s a modern twist on a couple of old toy gimmicks. Cuddletunes, the folks who make the MP3 Teddy Bear, have taken the classic teddy bear, the idea of “personalized” music for children, and an embedded sound device and turned it into a delightful toy for kids. You […]

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