Frozen Gumbo

Single mom, former truck driver, restaurateur, and entrepreneur Carol Foster pitches her frozen gumbo, called Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick, in Shark Tank episode 421. Carol’s been selling her frozen gumbo “bricks” online since 2007; she used to cook up fresh gumbo in her own restaurant until heavy rain caused the roof to collapse back in […]

Luggage Pick Up Service

Entrepreneur Brian Altamore pitches his door-to-door luggage pick up service, called LugLess, in Shark Tank episode 423. Checking bags at the airport is becoming an increasingly expensive hassle when traveling. Most US airlines charge baggage fees: the airline industry reports over $815 million in collected baggage fees last year and it’s a number that won’t […]

Belt With No Holes

A belt with no holes makes an appearance in the Shark Tank in episode 422 as entrepreneur Zachary  Holzapfel pitches the Mission Belt to the Sharks. The Mission Belt with no holes is a fashionable and moderately priced leather belt that can be worn with a suit or jeans. It’s a unisex belt, so women can […]


ShellBobbers are fishing bobbers made from spent shot-gun shells. Entrepreneurs and fishing buddies Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway pitch their Fishing Ammo brand in the Shark Tank in episode 422. Fishing Ammo is what the name of their business is, but ShellBobbers are the “flagship product.” The Fishing Ammo line also includes apparel, fishing rods, […]

Cupcakes in a Jar

If you’re like me, the first time you heard about cupcakes in a jar, you probably thought “what the heck is that?” Once you try some, you’ll say “These are WICKED YUMMY!” Mother and daughter bakers and entrepreneurs Tracey Noonan and Danielle Desroches will take their Wicked Good Cupcakes into the Shark Tank in episode 422 […]

Personal Energy Generator

The nPower Peg personal energy generator is a device that uses the kinetic energy created by body movement and turns it into energy that can be used to power over 3,000 commonly used hand-held devices, like cell phones, cameras, and music players. All you have to do is put the nPower Peg in your bag, pocket, […]

Friday April 19

Friday April 19 brings a brand new Shark Tank to ABC. As season 4 winds down, this episode is the first of the final episodes bringing a successful season to a close. While thousands will be attending open casting calls in the coming weeks, Shark Tank fans will be entertained by some of the more […]

Cream Scones

For most people, scones are a rather dry pastry resembling a biscuit in texture, but Jones Scones founder J. Jones developed his cream scones to have all the taste of a scone with a creamier, more cake-like texture. Jones fell in love with scones while living in England and he created his cream scones to […]

Custom Furniture for Gamers

Geek Chic entrepreneur Robert Gifford creates custom furniture for avid gaming aficionados in his Everett, WA workshop and he hopes the Sharks are game to invest in his business in episode 423. Gifford is a self-described Dungeons and Dragons geek from way back and he sought to create a multi-functional storage and game play solution for […]

Friday April 12 Shark Tank Episode 410

Friday April 12 airs a re-run of episode 410, one of the wildest Shark Tank episodes of season 4. This episode had star power, a heartfelt/tear-jerker pitch and a classic Shark Tank train wreck! One pitch takes up an entire half hour of the show and episode 410 is the only Shark Tank episode with […]

Geometric Jewelry

Jewelry makers have always done well on the Shark Tank and entrepreneurs Ashley Jung and Paige Dellavalle hope the Sharks will bite on their line of geometric jewelry called Stella Valle. The two sisters from New Jersey are former West Point cadets (Ashley graduated in 2004 and Paige graduated in 2009) and army officers; they also […]

Friday April 5 Shark Tank Episode 426

Friday April 5 brings a new Shark Tank episode, number 426, to the airwaves as Lori Greiner occupies “the ladies’ seat” once again. Lori’s been on quite a roll this season, scooping up heroes and “baby sharks” nearly every week. Will she or any of the other Sharks sink their teeth into a featured business […]

Gourmet Meat

Gourmet meat gets tossed into the Shark Tank as entrepreneur and third generation meat man Dave Alwan pitches Echo Valley Meats to the Sharks in Episode 426. Dave has an old school, gourmet butcher shop in Bartonville, IL where he processes, packs, and ships delicious gourmet meat  all over the country. I normally don’t get […]

Cooler with LED Lighting

A cooler with LED lighting in it might not sound evolutionary, but entrepreneur Jayson Sandberg hopes to light up the Shark Tank in episode 426 with his business called LiddUp. Sandberg got tired of fishing around his cooler in the dark when he was camping because he often got the “wrong” drink. So he set […]

Spandex Body Suits

Spandex body suits come dancing into the Shark Tank in episode 426 as entrepreneur Colin Grussing pitches Root Suits to the Sharks. Grussing started the business in 2008 when he went looking for spandex body suits for sale and couldn’t find any. Sensing a void in the marketplace, Grussing started Root Suit to make spandex […]

Friday, March 29 Shark Tank Episode 419

Shark Tank returns with an all new episode on Friday, March 29. Lori Greiner occupies the Tank along with Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec as four new entrepreneurs pitch the seasoned investors hoping for an investment in their respective businesses. Friday, March 29 Entrepreneurs There are four varied and […]

Filtered Water Bottle

Gobie H20 is a filtered water bottle pitched by entrepreneur Rusty Allen in episode 426. Allen is an industrial designer turned entrepreneur who created a “user-friendly” filtered water bottle to help combat the ridiculous amount of waste produced by plastic bottled water bottles. The GobieH2o is made from high quality, BPA free plastic. The filter […]

Friday March 22 Shark Tank Episode 405

Friday March 22 features an “encore presentation” of episode 405 which originally aired on October 12, 2012. Lori Greiner joins Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec as four entrepreneurs pitch the wealthy investors on their respective businesses. Friday March 22 Entrepreneurs First up is Aly Lessor who pitches her Cozy […]

Sugar Scrubs

18 year-old entrepreneur Lani Lazarri pitches Simple Sugars, her line of sugar scrubs to the Sharks in episode 419. Lani invented the product when she was 11 and has built quite a business for herself: she sold over $60K worth of her Sugar Scrubs in 2008 and has been building the business and the brand […]

The Carmuda Triangle

The Carmuda Triangle is that space in your car between the front seat and center console. That’s where loose change, cell phones, lighters, the occasional french fry, and an assortment of other items fall, sometimes never to be seen again! We’ve all been there, scrunching our hands between the seat and console searching for lost […]

Lionfish in the Shark Tank

Lionfish look nice in an aquarium with their intricate colors and feathery fins, but, just like a lion, they can be dangerous. Those feathery fins are actually venomous spines that can be fatal to humans, but that isn’t what makes the Lionfish so dangerous. Lionfish are native to Pacific Ocean near Indonesia, but they’ve invaded […]

Shrink Wrap Gift Bags

Jeffrey Miller created a line of shrink wrap gift bags called Cool Wraps to make gift wrapping easy for people (like me) who are challenged by “traditional” gift wrapping methods. Jeffrey will pitch the Sharks in episode 419 for his business, which, according to the Cool Wraps website, is listing his patent “for sale or […]

Friday, March 15 Shark Tank Episode 403

It will be a few weeks before we see a new Shark Tank, but Friday, March 15 has a re-run of episode 403. This was the first episode in a celebrity centric season four that featured celebrities joining Sharks in the Shark Tank.  Friday March 15 is a few weeks less than six months after […]

Thursday, March 14 Shark Tank Episode 407

Thursday, March 14 brings another “encore presentation” of Shark Tank to ABC’s troubled Thursday night prime time slot. Wife Swap begins a 7 week run in the 8 PM slot next week, but on Thursday, March 14 Shark Tank fans get another look at The Bear and the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs, The Shemie, […]

Friday, March 8 Shark Tank Episode 417

Friday, March 8 Shark Tank episode 417 is the last new Shark Tank we’ll see until March 29. Between now and then, we’ll see re-runs. The Friday, March 8 show Sharks are Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. Friday, March 8 Entrepreneurs 4 new businesses enter the Shark […]

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