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Young King Hair Care for Men and Boys of Color

Stefan and Cora Miller’s Young King Hair Care, a line of hair care products for men and boys of color, is the latest black owned business to be featured in season 13. The couple created the line in 2019 when they couldn’t find satisfactory, all natural hair care products for their own boys. Like any […]

MAGICdATES – Date Snacks

Diana Jarrar created MAGICdATES because she wanted to bring the yummy, nutritious snack she grew up eating to the rest of the world. She grew up in Syria before immigrating to the USA via Canada. Her favorite snack was always dates. In a way, dates are the perfect snack. They are high in phytonutrients, antioxidants, […]

Pawnix Headphones for Dogs

Kirsten Brand created Pawnix headphones for dogs to make sure her dog, Emma, wouldn’t get frightened by loud noises like fireworks or thunder. Many dogs – 30% according to the Journal Of American Veterinary Medical Association – freak out over loud noises and Emma happens to be one of them. She got the idea when […]

Prep Deck – Kitchen Organizer

Alexander Eburne invented Prep Deck, a revolutionary kitchen organization system, because his wife stopped cleaning up after him. He likes to cook and do the prep work and his wife did the clean-up. All that stopped when she had a baby, that’s when Alexander realized what an unorganized mess he made when prepping. Measuring spoons […]

Sun Flow – Beach Chairs

Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner first got the idea for Sun Flow beach chairs while on a beach vacation. They were packing up for a trip to the beach in their rental and things were disorganized and cumbersome. Leslie, a designer and serial entrepreneur, got to designing a beach chair and accessories that would suit […]

Oot Box – Portable Tiny Offices

Robbie Friedman created Oot Box, his tiny offices made from recycled shipping containers, because he saw a need for quality, temporary office space that was affordable, sustainable and hassle free. He is an attorney who co-founded  a company called Viewabill, a legal billing software. When that was acquired, he set his sights on starting Oot […]

Do Amore Jewelry – Sustainable Diamonds

Krish Himmatramka started his Do Amore Jewelry business with an eye toward changing the world. His company mission is to have a positive impact on the world. He does this two ways. First, all his diamonds and other gems are from conflict free areas of the world, recycled from old jewelry or man made. All […]

NogginBoss Oversized Hats

Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner want NogginBoss to be the “next foam finger” at sporting events everywhere. Both men run other businesses, but they’ve been friends for years. As ex college athletes and coaches, they enjoy sports. They came up with the idea for NogginBoss as a fun way to promote things. The product is […]

Curie Deodorant and Personal Care

Sarah Moret created Curie deodorant because she didn’t want to use products with aluminum and other chemicals in it. She didn’t like the results because, as she says on her website. “I smelled bad.” An accountant by profession, she took $12,000 and started making all natural deodorant. That quickly morphed into a complete line of […]

Behave Bras for Full Figured Women

Behave Bras creator Athena Kasvikis is a beautiful, full figured woman with some brass and sass. She grew up with large breasts and suffered back pain as a result. At times, she’d wear three sports bras at a time, resulting in some increased comfort. Unfortunately, this caused a look that she calls “unib*ob.” For years […]

Ade and Ayo

Two things led Temidayo Adeokun to create Ady and Ayo, her line of children’s clothing that features traditional African patterns. The first was the fact that she couldn’t find anything like it, so she started making them herself. The second was the Covid-19 pandemic. The Nigerian immigrant was a practicing attorney, but when the pandemic […]

Junobie Reusable Breast Milk Bags

Nikeytha “Nickey” Ramsey was sick and tired of fumbling with leaky plastic breast milk bags. After the birth of her second child, she began developing Junobie, her line of  reusable breast milk storage bags. Her mission is to make life easier for moms, something her products do. The former speech pathologist has worked with many […]

DiaperDust – For Stinky Diapers

DiaperDust inventor Regina Crisci created her product because she hated the lingering odor of dirty diapers. She claims her son’s diapers were “fierce” and she couldn’t get the smell to go away. She tried sealing them in one of those diaper pail sealing contraptions, she tried sprays, but nothing worked. Then she says she started […]

PinoleBlue – Blue Corn Super Foods

PinoleBlue founder Eddie Sandoval grew up eating pinole – blue corn – based foods. His family is from Chihuahua, Mexico, a mountainous region in Northern Mexico. It’s the ancestral home of the Tarahumara, an ancient Aztec tribe who made bajiachi, a pinole based beer, to help increase their stamina. Modern athletes also use it for […]

Alicia Scott – Range Beauty Founder

Alicia Scott founded Range Beauty in 2017 under the name Skinny Dip Cosmetics. She re-branded the company to Range Beauty in 2018 after a Twitter influencer re-tweeted one of her tweets saying of the cosmetic line “this is what you call range.” As an account executive for an Australian designer, she was often backstage at […]

The Calm Strip – Fidget Strips

Michael Malkin invented The Calm Strip as a fidget device. When he got stressed at work, he’d frantically drum his fingers to relieve the stress. When someone suggested putting tape on his fingers and rub them together, it worked. The tactile sensation of the roughness of the tape soothed his tension, but it made his […]

The Kettle Gryp

Daniel Sheppard and Andrew Martin invented The Kettle Gryp to save space and money. If you ever worked out with free weights, you know about the difference between dumb bells and kettle bells. Kettle bells are usually round weights with a handle on top. The handle places the weight over the weight which allows you […]

Over EZ Chicken Coops

Chet Beiler didn’t invent Over EZ Chicken Coops, he just bought the company in 2020. He’s an Amish gentleman from Lancaster County Pennsylvania. He bought the business from some former fellow Lancaster County men who were running the business in Colorado. Beiler is no stranger to selling wooden products. He operates the one of largest […]

Blowzee Blows Out Candles for You

Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau first got the idea for Blowzee in January, 2020. They were attending a child’s birthday party and the guest of honor wasn’t feeling well. The kid was coughing and congested. When the time came to blow out the candles, he blew spit and snot onto the cake. Needless to say, […]

Tristen Ikaika Rings

Tristen Ikaika Rings are the brainchild of Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikai’ikaneokalani Persons. He started making them when he was 12. When started the business in 2017, he amassed an almost cult-like social media following. He started on Instagram taking photos of his travels around the world. Now, when he travels, he searches for the raw materials […]

TA3 Swim – Swimsuits for Women

Leila Shams created TA3 Swim out of anxiety. Before going on a beach vacation, she’d feel pressure to diet so she’d look good in a swimsuit. It took the joy out of vacationing for her. She was so concerned about it, she had liposuction. While recovering from the surgery, she had to wear a surgical […]

Tania Speaks Skin Care

Tania Speaks started her organic skincare brand because she was getting bullied at school. She had very bushy eyebrows and her schoolmates were relentless in teasing her about them. She’d come home crying and begging for her mom’s help. Her mom simply told her to be proud of herself. One day, Tania was so upset, […]

Hicc Away – Cure for the Hiccups

Dr. Ali Seifi invented Hicc Away to solve a very common problem: curing the hiccups. There are lots of home remedies like holding your breath or drinking a glass of water with your nose plugged, but they don’t always work. He first became concerned about curing hiccups as an anesthesiologist 20 years ago. He noticed […]

Roq Innovation – Headlightz Caps

Raquel Graham started Roq Innovations because her kids wouldn’t wear their scarves in the winter. She sewed together what looks like a plush buff and a business was born. That product is called Nekz and she eventually brought it to the Home Shopping Network where they sold out in about an hour. That led her […]

RomperJack – Rompers for Men

Justin Clark, one of the co-founders of RomperJack is a pretty savvy business man. His LinkedIn profile lists five businesses he’s involved with. His biggest business is Whiz Tutor, an app that matches students with local tutors. It’s a very successful business, but things slow down in the summer when school’s out. Back in the […]