CocoTaps Coconut Drill

Vincent Zaldivar likes coconut water so much, he invented a tool, called CocoTaps, that turns a fresh coconut into its own bottle of coconut water. His patented kit includes a drill that makes a hole in the coconut and two bottle-top-looking caps that twist in. The caps can be re-sealed, so you can tote your […]

The Hater App

Brendan Alper created the Hater app to help people connect. Most dating apps work on matching people by what they like in common. The Hater app does the opposite: it connects people based on what they hate. Hater doesn’t condone hate, in fact hate speech and anything most people consider hateful isn’t allowed on the […]

Slumber Kins Cuddly Toys With a Purpose

Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen created Slumber Kins to help kids. The two “momtrepreneurs” merged therapeutic techniques with their line of cuddly toys to help young children deal with different anxieties and childhood fears. They know what they’re talking about, too. Kelly has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and School Counseling and worked […]

Reely Hooked Fish Dip

Reely Hooked Fish Dip is the creation of Steven Markley and James Arcaro, two Florida fishermen and wild lands firefighters. They, like many Floridians, like their smoked fish dip. They like it so much, they want to make and sell their own brand. Smoked fish dip is a Florida favorite made from king mackerel; they […]

Pronto Bev Instant Wine Chiller

Alexander Simone hopes he has more success pitching Pronto Bev to the Sharks than he did when he first “invented” it. When he was a frat boy back in 2013, he wanted to sip some wine with a young lady in his frat house. Unfortunately, all he had was warm white wine. He wanted to […]

Cut Buddy Home Hair Cut Helper

Cut Buddy inventor Joshua Esnard made the first version of his hot selling home hair cut tool when he was 13 years old. It seems his dad was doing such a bad job on his hair cuts, Joshua wanted to take matters into his own hands. At first, he didn’t do so well cutting his […]

Robin Robotic Lawn Mower

The Robin Robotic Lawn Mower wants to change the face of lawn services everywhere. People spend billions on lawn care – mostly on a crew of guys to come in and cut the grass with gas powered mowers. Robin is an electric mower that cuts the grass without any human help at all. Picture a […]

Gryp Mat Tool Tray

Gryp Mat inventor Tom Burden simply got tired of dropping his tools while working on airplanes and jets. As an Air Force jet mechanic, he often had various ratchets, wrenches and other tools lying out while working. Jets don’t have many flat surfaces to rest tools on and it became a pain in his neck. He […]

DNASimple Helps you “Sell” Your DNA

Oliver Noel’s DNASimple hopes to capitalize on the growing market for DNA data and he hopes to bring a Shark along for the ride. Companies like 23 and Me and others sprung up over the last few years to let people learn more about their ancestral DNA. They charge anywhere from $49-$200 for a home DNA […]

BrilliantPad Picks up Pooches’ Poop

BrilliantPad creator Alan Cook is a talented entrepreneur. He not only invented the device, but he got it funded on IndieGoGo AND delivered his promised product on time. That’s an unfortunately rare occurrence these days, but he did it. He got his concept built with over $110,000 in backing. The BrilliantPad is “The World’s First Self-Cleaning […]

Glove Stix Gets the Stink Out

Krista Woods invented Glove Stix because she got tired of being invited to a “stink party.” Her son plays lacrosse and his gloves got so sweaty, they literally stunk the family to the point of nausea. When Woods went searching for a solution, she found none. Of course this “momtrepreneur” decided she’d create her own. […]

Get in the Game With Hoop Maps

Hoop Maps is the second app appearing in Shark Tank episode 914. It’s designed to let users find a local pick-up basketball game in their community. Say you and some friends want to find a game, simply check the app and find one. Sign in and say you’ll be there and go – it’s that […]

Tip or Pay – Bravo

Husband and wife team Dr. Hector Rodriguez and Maria Luna found it frustrating when they wanted to tip or pay a service provider and didn’t have cash. As we move to a more cashless society, it’s getting more difficult to pay for things when there’s no credit card machine available.  It turns out, there’s an […]

Snoofy Bee Clean Hands Changing Pad

Amy and Michael Perry got so sick of wrestling their kids while changing diapers, they invented Snoofy Bee. The reason they wrestled their kids is the kids were sticking their hands in the nether regions during diaper changes and getting poop all over their hands. That necessitated a second clean up. With five kids, that […]

Snarky Teas – Drink Your Feelings

Jenni-Lyn Williams created Snarky Teas after she was inspired by her daughter to start a business. As an MBA grad from Villanova University, she certainly has the skill set. Becoming a “Chief Snark Officer” probably isn’t on the minds of most MBA grads, but Jenni-Lyn has a heck of a lot of Snarkiness that she […]

No Mo Stache Portable Wax Treatment

Jennifer Paschall and Gita Vasseghi tout No Mo Stache as a simple, portable solution to a hairy problem. Their product is a portable wax treatment that removes upper lip hair in the same manner as more time-consuming and expensive salon wax treatments. Their other product, No Mo Bush, removes unwanted hair from the bikini line […]

Sleep Better With Dream Pad

If you like to fall asleep to music, Dream Pad makes it easier. It’s a high-tech pillow that lets you play music through your smart phone and turns your pillow into a speaker that literally puts the music inside your head. You hear the music through vibrations in the pillow and the sound waves stimulate […]

DrainWig Disposable Drain Unclogger

When you have five daughters with long hair, you need a DrainWig. Hair tends to clog up the bathroom shower drains; the more hair, the more frequent the clogs. Jennifer and Gifford Briggs had this problem and got sick and tired of not only clearing the drain, but handling the yucky sludge hair clogs create. That’s […]

Morph Foam Roller by Brazyn Life

The Morph Foam Roller by Brazyn life is the brainchild of former NFL player Nate Lawrie. Shark Tank must’ve done an NFL casting call – Lawrie follows Chris Gronkowski and his brothers from a few weeks ago. Lawrie created the Morph Foam Roller after suffering back injuries while playing in the NFL. He used a […]

FatherFigure – Clothes for New Dads

Google “fatherfigure” and you’ll come up with multiple results for George Michael’s hit song from 1988. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find former Google employee Andrew Bentley’s new lifestyle brand aimed a millennial dads. Bentley did a lot of research and found “dads are craving for companies to understand their needs and produce dad-centric […]

The Novel Effect – Interactive Reading App

The Novel Effect is an interactive reading app that automatically adds sound effects and a soundtrack to stories as you read them aloud to your kids. Imagine you’re reading The Cat in the Hat to your kids. As you read, there’s playful music in the background and the sounds of breaking glass as Thing 1 […]

KwikHang – The Easy Curtain Rod Holder

KwikHang is a product that solves a problem. Anyone who ever hung curtain rod brackets knows it can be a pain in the neck. You have to measure, make sure the brackets are level, then drill holes in your wall for the brackets. Sometimes, the drywall gives way and you’re left with a mess. Even […]

Mir Mir Celebrity Photo Booth

Mir Mir creators Sean Spencer and Ryan Glenn are the darlings of the celebrity party set. Their photo booths are THE must-have addition to any glamorous bash thrown by the rich and famous. Mir Mir (pronounced “meer merr” which is short for “mirror mirror”) gained fame and cache when the Kardashians hired them for a Christmas […]

The Human Bobber – Multi-Use Life Jacket

Justin Rietema and Doug Schultz, creators of the Human Bobber, are two buddies from the Fort Lauderdale area who enjoy boating, water sports, hanging out, and generally enjoying life. As Floridians, their life revolves around the water – the ocean is the state’s greatest resource. Boating is a big part of their lives. If you […]

Ash and Erie – Clothes for the Little Guy

Ash and Erie founders Steven Mazur and Eric Huang had a different name for their business back in 2016: Ash and Anvil.  Their product arose from the Detroit Fellowship program, an entrepreneurial incubator contributing to Detroit’s renaissance. The idea for their business, clothing for men five foot eight inches and under, came from Mazur’s girlfriend. […]

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